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General Questions

Ideally you will be looking for flat, calm water for paddling. Generally this means no wind. If you plan on going out in the Columbia, make sure to check the forecast beforehand. The wind can pick up quickly and make the conditions very challenging.

When they are all packed up the size of our SUPs are 38”x23”x8” and weigh 25lbs. This kit will include everything that you need to go SUPing for the day, even your paddle. The bag that the SUP comes in has backpack straps that are adjustable and good for hiking. You can fit two SUP packages in the trunk of most compact cars.

It is up to you! SUPing can range from a walk in the park to strenuous exercise if you want to race a friend. However, if you get into current or wind, SUPing can become difficult, so know the conditions and be aware of your surroundings. We do recommend knowing how to swim.

Rental Questions

Rentals can be picked up at 10am at Airtime Kite in Hood River. If you would like to pickup ore return at a different time please contact us. Please indicate whether you are renting for delivery, or pick up, when checking out.

We will deliver directly to your accomodations in Hood River or White Salmon at a time that is convenient for you.

All of our rental packages come complete with everything you need to SUP. Each SUP rental includes 1 board, 1 paddle, 1 leash, 1 PFD, and 1 manual pump. Every rental package will also come with 1 electric pump, to make the process of getting ready faster and easier.

You can take your rental anywhere except running whitewater. Whitewater suping requires a different type of board, and can be dangerous if done without a guide.

Yes! Our SUPs are dog friendly.

In most cases if the damage is minimal (small puncture) we will not charge you for the repair. In the cases of bigger damage or lost equipment there is a section in our waiver that goes over potential charges.

If you would like to extend your rental please contact us. In most cases you will be able to extend your rental, but it depends on availability.

We offer full refunds if canceled at least 48 hours prior to your reservation. Reservations canceled less than 48 hours in advance will be granted credit.

You can sign your waiver right now by . You will not receive your SUP until we receive a signed waiver. Make sure that everyone who plans on using the equipment reads and signs the waiver.

Anyone that plans on using the paddle board, must sign the waiver. We have a convenient . Children under the age of 18 must get a signature from a parent or guardian before using the SUP.

You need to wear your PFD belt, or PFD vest at all times.

If you plan on using your SUP throughout the day, feel free to leave it partially inflated so that it is less work to get ready each time. We do ask that if you leave your SUP inflated on a hot day, that you release some air out of it before doing so. The hot weather can cause the air in your SUP to expand, which can sometimes cause leaks. No one wants a leaky SUP!

Technical Questions

We recommend inflating the SUP to between 15 and 17psi. Please do not pump the SUP over 18psi as this can cause blowouts. Making sure the SUP is pumped up tight is critical to its performance. We usually use the electric pump to get it close to the desired psi and then finish off the inflation process using the hand pump.

You should hold the paddle so that it angles away from you. With our paddles, you should be able to see the slingshot spiky ball when paddling, and the slingshot wordmark should be facing away from you.

We recommend standing shoulder width in the center of the board, which is where the carry handle is located. If you have good balance, walk back towards the tail of the board to make quick turns! If you ever lose balance, stick your paddle in the water! It acts like a walking stick when submerged.

Make sure that the valve button is closed. When the button is at its tallest, the valve is closed. This will prevent the SUP from deflating when you remove the pump. If you have questions about this please refer to TIMESTAMP of our SETUP VIDEO.

SUP in the water

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